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Below is a podcast recording, followed by the first few paragraphs of the transcript automatically generated by transcription service. Be sure to checkout out other podcasts from Beyond Rockets

I'm your host, Clark Dunn. The Beyond Rockets podcast is a way for me to showcase and highlight some of the small business owners, entrepreneurs and talented creatives here in the rocket city that make Huntsville way more than just a rocket city. If you're not yet subscribed to the podcast, you can subscribe wherever you listen. You can follow me on YouTube at Beyond Rockets as well as Instagram at Beyond Rockets to stay up to date with new and exciting things happening in Huntsville as well as new episodes as they are released. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you enjoy.

This podcast is sponsored by Affinity Recruiting and Consulting. 94% of small businesses and nonprofits disappear before their 10th birthday. The top 6% survive and thrive for two reasons, talent and strategy. Affinity's team of experts provides talent acquisition, outsourced HR, strategic planning and fundraising support. Long story short, they fix the problems that cause small businesses and nonprofits to fail.

Welcome back to another episode of Beyond Rockets.

Today's event I'm talking with the founder, operations manager and head of production of Straight to Ale, a local brewery here in Huntsville in 2009. Thank you so much for joining me today. Would each of you like to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what it is your role here is at Straight to Ale? Dan should go first. Okay, I'll go first. Dan Perry, I'm the owner and I guess my official title is HMFIC. Bob?

Hi, I'm the brewery manager or brewery big dog, so I handle everything from grain to glass. My name is Matt Broder, I'm the operations manager, which just means I do whatever Dan doesn't want to do. So, Dan, tell me a little bit about the original backstory of Straight to Ale, because obviously you've been home brewing really since the late 80s, early 90s. Was there always an idea to kind of open up a brewery one day and kind of what were you doing in that and what originally got you interested in home brewing? Yeah, well, it's all about the beer. I really enjoyed home brewing. I liked the creativity. When I was in the service in Georgia, I sort of started home brewing and came back to Huntsville. And I joined what was at that time called the Madison Sebrati Club, which was the home brew club in town. And those guys were so helpful with my brewing because I was making serviceable beers, but nothing outstanding. And those guys, they were brutally honest and they're like, hey, your beer sucks. Hey, why it sucks? And they told me what I was doing wrong.